Jesper Bröring

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I am Jesper Bröring. A designer living in London (for now).

I am a proud and reliable Dutchman. That means laid back but forward thinking, with orange trousers.

Currently I am a Product Designer at Pivotal Labs.
Previously I was Designing at Method in London (2013-2016) and learning at Hyper Island in Manchester (2012).

Together with Katy Jackson, we worked on our little projects but that has been sidetracked. Aiming to pick that up again. Sometime.

Every now and then I take pictures of small cars, while doing so I listen to their stories and observe their surroundings. The collection of almost a hundred photos and stories is called little moving things.

With a slightly bigger camera, I take pictures of whatever is in front of my camera. This can be cars, nature, cities or anything else really. I publish those here: